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Living together along river banks and canals

Like everywhere, respect is an essential value in the Terres d'Oh!

All year round, thousands of boats go back and forth on the canals of Alsace and Lorraine, while cyclists, walkers and fishermen share the space on the banks.

To ensure that every visitor has a great stay in the area and that everyone can enjoy the good life in the Terres d'Oh!, a few basic rules are worth remembering.


Not every kind of vehicle is allowed to use the cycle trails along the sides of the waterways. 

Roller skates, bikes, prams and push-scooters can circulate freely on the tow-paths that have been laid out with cycle trails, but all forms of motor vehicle are strictly forbidden. So, apart from service vehicles (or duly authorised vehicles), no cars, motorcycles, motorised scooters or motor-homes are allowed to access the cycle trails or park there. The speed limit is 20km/h. Horse riders and their horses are not allowed on the trails.

This is to ensure the safety and tranquillity of the other users.


Respecting protected nature. Simple, but basic.

It would be sad to pollute such a peaceful, unspoilt natural environment. In the Terres d'Oh!, everyone, whether young or old, takes care to ensure that the environment remains as beautiful and clean as possible.

All waste is put in the rubbish bins located along the paths and nothing is thrown in the water.


The locks and other waterway infrastructures are used by the pleasure boaters.

Blocking a lock, or leaning your bike against a safety barrier, can prevent the boaters from being able to enjoy the waterways as they should, and create an additional workload for VNF (river authority) officers.

Let's keep everyone's well-being in mind.


The canals are not to be used for swimming.

You are not allowed to dive and swim in the canals in Alsace and Lorraine. However, there are leisure areas and certain lakes in the Terres d'Oh! that welcome visitors who want to spend a day IN the water rather than ON the water.


If this is the first time you've visited the Terres d'Oh!, here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

  • Are dogs allowed to walk on the cycle trails?
  • Yes, provided they are kept on a leash.


  • Do you need a licence to sail on the Canal de la Sarre and the Marne-Rhine canal?
  • You must have a valid boating license to drive pleasure boats whose engine power is more than 4.5 kW (6 HP). Boat-hire companies offer ranges of well-equipped boats that do not require a boating licence.

  • Can you park on the side of the canals?
  • The marinas and stopping areas have car parks. If you park for a long time in a no-parking zone you will get a parking ticket from the VNF.



  • What size boats are allowed on the canals?
  • The Canal de la Sarre and the Marne-Rhine canal use the "Freycinet" gauge which allows for boats with a maximum length of 38.50m and a maximum width of 5.05m. The water depth is 2m on the Canal de La Sarre and 2.20m on the Marne-Rhine canal.


  • Is boating on the canals free?

All boat owners must pay a toll each time they use the waterways managed by VNF* (French river authority) if their boat is longer than 5m or has an engine of 9.9 HP (7.29 Kw) or more.

Please consult the toll prices here.

*Mittersheim, Stock and Gondrexange lakes included.


  •  Is fishing free?

    Yes, provided you comply with the regulations in force (periods, fishing times, size, type of fish, authorised fishing equipment, etc.) and that you have a fishing permit issued by the competent AAPPMA (French fishing association).

    Please consult the Moselle and Bas-Rhin departmental fishing federations' websites at http://www.federationpeche57.fr and https://www.peche67.fr

  • What regulations apply to boating on the Mittersheim, Stock and Gondrexange lakes?

    The Mittersheim, Stock and Gondrexange reservoir lakes managed by VNF each have specific regulations governing pleasure boating and sports activities.

    Please consult the specific regulations here.


  • Are boats without engines (pedal boats, kayaks, rowing boats, etc.) allowed to use the Canal de la Sarre and the Marne-Rhine canal?

         Yes, if specific authorisation is obtained from the Prefecture beforehand