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Take your time to discover the whole territory

Soft mobility for a gentle tour of the Terres d'Oh! 

A sense of peace and tranquillity reigns over the rivers and canals of the Alsace and Lorraine regions. Everywhere you go, you soak up the peaceful atmosphere, recharging your batteries while discovering the unique heritage of the area and its waterways. In the Terres d'Oh!, you will undoubtedly get the most out of your stay by using soft transport to explore the area's wide variety of landscapes and enjoy the peaceful way of life. Whether by boat or bike or on foot, you will find yourself slowing down to take in the beauty of the surroundings.



Oh so tranquil!

On the Canal de la Sarre and the Marne-Rhine canal, or along the river banks, the boats and walkers go by at a gentle rhythm, ambling along far from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. The waterways and cycle trails go through rich green nature with breath-taking views.


A little piece of paradise for cyclists

Far from the roads, parents and children ride their bikes in total safety on the renovated tow-paths along the canals of Alsace and Lorraine. Designed to cater for everyone, these cycle trails run between the different municipalities of the area, offering beautiful rides and walks in the heart of a rich and varied natural setting.

The circuit is an integral part of EuroVelo 5, a cycle route which goes between London (UK) and Brindisi (IT) and crosses 7 countries. At the crossroads between France and neighbouring Germany, the circuit allows you to discover the cities, villages and natural areas around the canals thanks to a vast cycle-trail network.

On the banks of the Saar, the Franco-German green-way trail takes you past rivers, ponds, forests, meadows and wetlands where you will discover unique landscapes: the canal crossing a river, the canal crossing two lakes.  On the Marne-Rhine canal, a 55km green-way trail allows you to cross the plains of Alsace at your own pace.

Boats as a means of transport

What better idea than to travel by boat to get away from the buses, cars, trains and subways we use all year long.

In the Terres d'Oh!, France's 3rd largest area in terms of river-boat rentals, it is quite normal to travel along the waterways in your own boat, or in a short or long-term rental boat.

Along the waterways, there are numerous marinas, leisure areas and riverside stopovers, where boaters can find places to eat, enjoy various leisure activities or change modes of transport.



The "Oh!" moment

In the Terres d’Oh!, eco-tourism is part of the local mindset. That is why you can now rent an electric-powered boat to sail along the canals of Alsace and Lorraine.

This non-polluting, silent electric boat designed by Nicols in partnership with Voies Navigables de France (VNF), is moored in Alsace, at the port of Saverne or Harskirchen. To try out this marvel of technology, please go here! 



Do you not have a bike or boat?

It would be a shame not to enjoy the joys of sailing or cycling during your stay in the Terres d'Oh! You can hire electric or standard bikes from one of the many specialist rental companies in Alsace and Lorraine. 

To find THE boat that suits you, the 7 boat-rental companies in the area offer different ranges with some 180 boats to choose from. You can rent various